Ben Vautier Archive

An archive of letters and manuscripts sent by Ben Vautier to the Amsterdam-based dentist and collector C.A. Groenendijk between 1966 and 1968.


Signals Gallery

Signals London was a short-lived yet highly influential British venue dedicated to 1960s avant-garde artists from Europe and Latin America. Through their exhibitions, events and publications, they established fruitful cross-border networks between these regions and introduced early manifestations of Fluxus, Kinetic and Op art to Britain. Having evolved from the Centre for Advanced Creative Study, Signals London was situated in London’s West End between 1964–1966.

The items offered here by William Allen Word & Image were acquired over several years from 1995–2010, by a private collector. The collection includes the Signals Newsbulletin, exhibition brochures and related ephemera featuring artists from Latin America and Europe, including: Takis, Marcello Salvadori, Naum Gabo, Jesús Rafael Soto, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Lygia Clark, Sergio de Camargo, Alejandro Otero, Antonio Calderara, Pia Pizzo, Hélio Oiticica, Mira Schendel, Hsiao Chin and Li Yuan-Chia.

Thomas A. Clark and Laurie Clark collection

Moschatel Press

Ken Cox

Elemental Balloon Archive


The complete set of Fandangos periodical, the important and highly sought-after artist periodical edited by the Colombian-born artist Raul Marroquin, Ger van Dijck, Marjo Schumans, Ulises Carrion and others. Some issues are subtitled ‘Fandangos – The Most Important European Art Scandalpaper – Fandangos isn’t an art paper but an art piece’. Indeed, Fandangos is seen as one of the most important conceptual art magazines from the Netherlands, which shows the importance of South American avant-garde artists to the conceptual art scene of The Netherlands in the 1970s. A full description of each item is available on request.


Ian Hamilton Finlay

Archive of postcards by Ian Hamilton Finlay, including a stunning sequence of the most significant cards from the earliest years. Probably the most complete archive of cards one will see available for purchase – collected over 25 years. Finlay’s postcards, often screenprinted, are seen as particularly important – often the first appearance of ideas the artist later uses in large scale works – always pragmatic, witty, salient – a unique dialogue of ideas. Over 600 cards.

Poor Old Tired Horse (P.O.T.H)

A fine and exceptionally rare complete run of all published issues of Ian Hamilton Finlay’s important poetry periodical Poor Old Tired Horse (P.O.T.H), April 1962 – c.November 1967.


Dom Sylvester Houédard

An archive of prints, unique works, typestracts and manuscripts by dsh.


Jean-Claude Moineau

A collection of documents.


Yoshio Nakajima

An archive of prints, posters and ephemera from the Japanese experimental and Fluxus East artist Yoshio Nakajima who worked amongst other avant-garde artists in Sweden and the Netherlands in the 1970s.


Waclaw Ropiecki

An archive of photographs and hand-painted photographic works, letters, publications and ephemera relating to the Polish artist and photographer Waclaw Ropiecki.


Tarasque Press

This Tarasque Press Archive includes a complete set of Tarasque magazine and Private Tutor.