Raul Marroquin

Oh I left the T.V on!, 1978
Red, green and black print on yellow paper stock with various glued and printed elements, 1060 x 605 mm. Signed, dated and dedicated to Theo van der Aa of Agora Studios.

Produced for Oh I left the T.V. on!, Museum Fodor, Amsterdam, 8 June 1978. Marroquin plots the location of monitors and other props on the printed museum floor plan, additional elements include two press cuttings featuring Marroquin’s word, plus the museum’s typed events programme.



World’s First T.V. Convention / The Sets, 1980
Poster printed red and black on white stock, 800 x 365 mm. Signed and numbered, 9/25 copies. Produced on the occasion of Marroquin’s video installation World’s First T.V. Convention, The Bank, Amsterdam, 1980.


Boo, and Untitled, both 1980 (printed 2004), 500 x 410 mm. These unique, large-scale Polaroid prints were produced in Amsterdam by invitation of the artist Ulay in 2004 and exhibited at Agora Studios. The original Polaroids were exhibited in World’s First T.V. Convention, 1980.


Snow Piece, 1977 
Hand painted black ink on white self-adhesive stock, 112 x 48mm.

Fragments from the Snow Piece exhibition at Agora Studios, Maastricht, 1977. Invitation card and unique hand-painted stickers. Snow Piece was situated at the front of the gallery, where the artist collaged the windows and gallery walls with found newspapers, installed several untuned TVs and painted these stickers.


Ways of Communication, 1972
Newsprint collage, hand-stamped, handwritten, wood, glass, 122 x 332 mm.

This rare, early work from Marroquin’s core conceptual period includes a hand-cut newspaper fragment juxtaposed with a handwritten statement by the artist “WAYS OF COMMUNICATION – Photographs. The photograph is a document of an actual happening and can be later a way to communicate an idea”. Hand-stamped logo for ‘In-Out Productions Equipo Movimento’. The frame is hand-made by Marroquin - a unique object produced in Maastricht whilst working at the Jan van Eyck Academy.


Superbman - Archive

A collection of Superbman prints, posters, manuscripts and books.

Highlights include: photographic documentation of the performance Superbman’s Last Adventure, 1977; Large scale, hand-coloured and annotated posters for Raul Marroquin’s Superbman’s Last Adventure Video Serial Matinée, 1979.

Body Monuments, 1973

Organised by Marroquin’s Equipo Movimiento, the Body Monuments performance centred around a public performance in Maastricht in 1973 where the artist’s art school friend Anton Verhoeven and his neighbour Huub Rulaou were lifted by a hoist into niches on the facade of the Bonnefantenmuseum. The performance piece involved them standing in statuesque poses for half an hour, before being lifted down again.

Left: postcard printed black on white stock.

Below, left: Original copy of the Body Monuments publication, Jan van Eyck, Maastricht, 1973. Printed blue on white stock in green printed covers, stapled. Handwritten cover title in black pen, 210 x 280 mm, 32pp.

Above:    Body Monuments Inc.  , 1973. 878 x 590 mm.  A unique photographic collage work: 25 silver gelatin prints and 4 colour photographs adhered to board, hand stamped

Above: Body Monuments Inc., 1973. 878 x 590 mm.
A unique photographic collage work: 25 silver gelatin prints and 4 colour photographs adhered to board, hand stamped