Yoshio Nakajima

An archive of prints, posters and ephemera from the Japanese experimental and Fluxus East artist Yoshio Nakajima who worked amongst other avant-garde artists in Sweden and the Netherlands in the 1970s.

The archive consists of offset print works on coloured paper (nearly all of which are hand-stamped and signed), plus more than 35 items of ephemera: A4 photocopies, brochures, small format posters, invitation cards and hand-written notes relating to exhibitions and performances in Eusrope. Offset prints similar to those included in this archive formed part of a group show organised by Centro de Arte y Comunicación (CAYC), Buenos Aires in 1975. Also included is the publication Yoshio Nakajima: Test Kultur, published by Thomas Niggl and Peter Below’s influential Omnibus Press in 1978. The book documents the chronology of Nakajima’s practice through images of his performances and happenings across Europe from the early 1960s. A number of works by Nakajima were featured in the 1976 Japanese issue of Schmuck magazine published in the UK by Felipe Ehrenberg and David Mayor of Beau Geste Press.

Nakajima_archive-collage-1 web.jpg

Image (left): One of a series of mixed-media collage works, signed and dated by the artist. The work contains trimmings of the artist's hair; burnt paper; polyester stuffing; documents; photographs; and cut-out cherub characters glued to white cream backing card. Hand rubberstamped in red and black and annotated in pencil and black marker pen. Includes the rubberstamp of the International Artists Cooperative, dated November 21 1975.