Tibor Hajas

Exercises II - Tumo/Detail (Body), 1979
Exercises II - Tumo/Detail (Hand), 1979

Each print 255 x 288 mm, offset lithograph on paper. Titled, signed and dated by Hajas in blue pencil. Photograph taken by Janos Veto. No edition size given. These are signed printed works from the artist’s Tumo II series.

"To recall the life and works of Tibor Hajas is to commit trespass : disturb something which is definitely at rest, mutilate what is whole, classify that which is unclassifiable and, by labelling it as art, degrade what has for eternity become more than that. Hajas' achievement was surely unparalleled. Partly because - in contrast to so many other good artists - what he sought after from the start was absolute validity and irrevocability and partly because his works - despite their finite character - can still continue to give off flames which may easily scorch" (Laszlo Beke, Image Whipping - Tibor Hajas Photo Works with Janos Veto, Research Institute for Art History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2004).