Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt

Zincographic artist’s cards by the German mail artist Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt who lived and worked in East Berlin in the 1970s and 1980s.

Wolf-Rehfeldt was an active participant in the mail art network of the 1980s and produced numerous typewriter works. More recently, her work has been chosen for display in the 2017 edition of Documenta 14. These artist’s cards (created using the zincographic process) were produced small enough to distribute in the mail to a network of artists across the world. Many of these cards, which were made in the early 1980s, are signed, annotated and rubberstamped. Each card was produced in an edition of 50. Due to restrictions in East Germany at this time, she was only able to make 50 copies of her ‘typewritings’ at one time. (Ref: Chert, Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt: Signs Fiction, Berlin, 2017, p.10).