Roger Ackling

5 Minute Drawing, 1977
Sunlight on wood, March 12th 1977, England, 170 x 35 mm.

Exhibited in the Coracle Press Miniatures exhibition of 1977, and illustrated in the catalogue (No. 3). The piece was nearly lost in the garden of the Coracle Gallery, but was later rescued. The small piece of driftwood was originally found by the artist on Weybourne beach on the North Norfolk coast. Using a magnifying glass, the artist burnt and inscribed charcoal lines into the surface of the wood; but when in the Gallery garden, the black charcoal washed away with the rain, leaving the impression of the lines clearly visible. Ackling was asked if he wanted to refill the charcoal lines, but he said he liked the work this way, and that the accident has since become part of the work’s history.