Poema Processo

Alvaro de Sá, Exposição Nacional Poema de Processo, 1967
Black ink and letterpress on paper, with hand coloured sections. Two sheets: 330 x 220 mm.

This is the original artwork by Alvaro de Sá - posters for the first national exhibition of Poema Processo, which inaugurated the movement simultaneously in Rio de Janeiro (Superior School of Industrial Design) and Natal (Sobradinho) in December 1967. Poema Processo was founded by Wlademir Dias Pino, Alvaro de Sá, Neide de Sá, Moacy Cirne, Falves Silva and others. We are unsure if any posters were printed, as there are none in any catalogues. These may well be the unique posters for the exhibition.


Wlademir Dias-Pino, Virgula, 1972
Published by the artist, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Printed brown envelope. Complete with original Virgula emblem printing block, as used for all Virgula envelopes. All folding and single sheets c. 220 x 160 mm.

Edited by Wlademir Dias-Pino, one of the founders of concrete poetry. Assembling magazine in printed envelope – the contents varied in each issue. Contributors include: Dailor Varela, Neide Sa, PJ. Ribeiro, Anchieto Fernandes, Sanderson Negreiros, Alderico Leandro, Sebastiao de Carvalho Leonaro de Castro, Ronaldo Werneck, Falves Silva and Dias-Pino himself. No date given but this publication was published in 1972 – the final year of the process/poem movement (the movement that Dias-Pino founded in 1967 – it can be seen as a fanfare of this important Brazilian Avant Garde genre).