Oscar Murillo

Lottery Tickets, 2013

Lottery Ticket 39, 385 x 283 mm, hand-painted on silkscreen printed paper, hand calligraphy, signed and dated on verso. Each individually printed ticket is worked on in oil paint by the artist and a member of his family. Each print is dedicated to the edition buyer (in this case William Allen), using hand calligraphy. Exhibited: Oscar Murillo: If I was to draw a line, this journey started approximately 400km north of the Equator, his first major solo show in the UK at South London Gallery, 2013.


Oscar Murillo Lottery Party, South London Gallery, 18th October 2013

A collection of piñata balls hand-drawn by Murillo and friends for the Lottery Party held at the end of the South London Gallery's exhibition of Murillo's work. These balls were collected at the party. When Murillo was asked which ones were drawn by him he stated that the whole point was that they were drawn by him and his friends and one shouldn't differentiate between the authors. Photographic documentation of the event is also available.