Augusto De Campos

Linguaviagem, 1967
White card stock printed with blue, green and black text, 250 x 255 mm folded. Printed in an edition of 100 in conjunction with the Brighton Concrete Poetry Festival, 1967. 

Linguaviagem: poemcube by the Brazilian Concrete Poet and founding member of the Noigandres movement, Augusto de Campos. Unfolds to cube shape with three letters screen printed on each side – the outer sides in blue, the inner sides in green. The three letter groupings are LIN / GUA / VIA / GEM. The letter groups combine (as is printed on one page) to make: “LINGUA: tongue / VIA: via / LINGUAGEM: Language / VIAGEM: voyage”. One of De Campos’ most successful and famous poems. A beautiful poetry object/sculpture. Very rare. See Form magazine no.4 (Bann & Steadman) for advert for this item and full listings for the 1967 festival.